August 2, 2017 [song]: Starlight – Muse (space, alt rock)

Listen here on Youtube: here

Listen here on Spotify: here


This alt rock song combines synths, pianos, and guitars to make you feel like you’re floating in space…

Muse are a 3-man alternative rock band from the UK; Muse consists of Matthew Bellamy on guitars and vocals, Chris Wolstenholme on bass and backing vocals, and Dominic Howard on drums and percussion.

Starlight is from Muse’s 4th album: Black Holes and Revelations. I would say that this album would be considered one of my top 10 albums of all time…

The song starts off with just the fuzz bass (a signature Muse sound) and the drums, with the twinkling piano riff coming in soon after. As guitars and synth arpeggios come in during the chorus, Bellamy, the lead singer of the band, pleads that “I’ll never let you go if you promise not to fade away, never fade away,” perhaps noting his urgency in recovering his fading relationship with his other half…

This song is a must-listen when you are on a road trip at dawn or night, as the spacey synths really breaks the leash that hinders your mind from wandering to a far-away land, dreaming about marshmallows and drones and butterflies and flowers and storms and rain and…

You get the idea…


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