August 3, 2017 [song]: A Stones Throw – Gatling Gun Revival (alternative, indie rock)

Listen here on Spotify: here

Listen here on Soundcloud: here

An alternative rock song with smooth and clean guitars that rides the high into an expressive and passionate chorus that you’ll definitely enjoy…


Gatling Gun Revival is a indie rock band from Hong Kong that features Corey Tam on vocals and guitars, Zane Stroud on vocals and keys, and Erik Piece on vocals and guitars (taken from their Facebook webpage here on August 2nd, 2017).

This song marks a change in the direction of their music.

Their 2013 album features guitars, synths, keys, banjos and many other layers of sound that generally portray a positive vibe, while this track departs from their usual folk and upbeat style and utilizes a more well-constructed, slow, and melodic sound that is electric-guitar driven, and will definitely leave many listeners wanting more…

Stay tuned for more news, as their upcoming EP is announced for the near future!


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