August 4, 2017 [album, week 1]: How Did We Get So Dark – Royal Blood (hard rock, blues rock)

Listen to the title track here on Youtube: here

Listen to the full album here on Spotify: here

With thumping drums, and heavy and catchy riffs, this hard rock album is guaranteed to uncover your hidden talents in headbanging…


Royal Blood rose to fame right after their debut, self-titled record was released; they were crowned as the ‘saviours of British rock and roll’… With only 2 people in the band – Mike Kerr on vocals and bass, and Ben Thatcher on drums, their creative use of the octave and distortion pedals makes it sound like Royal Blood consists of 4 members. Kerr plays his bass through 2 amps, with one clean, and one raised an octave higher and with distortion. This allows him to act as the bass player AND the guitar player at the same time.

On this album, Royal Blood topped themselves (and the charts!) by creating more catchy riffs, hooks, and solos… the use of keyboard buried deep into the mix is sometimes heard (Lights Out), and the use of backing vocals is more widely utilized. This album topped the UK Rock and Metal charts, as well as the UK Albums chart.

Notable tracks:

Lights Out – first single off their album, topped the UK rock and metal charts…

She’s Creeping – a stoner rock piece, with a catchy riff and a even more catchier chorus

Hole in Your Heart – first time a synth/keyboard has been utilized in a Royal Blood song!

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