August 5, 2017 [song]: Misery Business – Paramore (pop-punk, alternative rock)

This punk rock anthem about high-school love triangles, dramas, and fake-friendships is a great way to re-live your angsty teen days – its loud and audacious guitars matched with Hayley Williams’ aggressive and catchy lyrics is sure to get your head bobbing to the rhythm.


Paramore are a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their line-up during the release of this song was Hayley Williams on vocals, Josh Farro and Taylor York on guitars, Jeremy Davis on bass, and Zac Farro on drums.

Released in mid-2007 with their album Riot!, Paramore’s Misery Business described what was going on in many high-school hallways at that time (applicable to current day, I’m sure…) – relationships, friendships, and everything in-between…

Reaching number 26 on the US Billboard Top 100 charts, this song (well, the album in general) is a must-listen who wants to rediscover the emo kid inside them.


Listen here on Spotify: here

Listen here on YouTube: here

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