August 10, 2017 [album, week 2]: Origin of Symmetry – Muse (alt. rock, space rock, hard rock)

This album combines classical piano finger-work, arpeggiated synths, heaven-like organs, heavy riffs, fuzzy bass; all merged together to form this wonderful rock album.


Origin of Symmetry was Muse’s second studio album – the first being Showbiz, released in 1999. The album was released in mid-2001, and was described as an ‘astonishing record… where extra-terrestrial fascinations meet the classical world’s more unhinged impulses…’

This album mixes classical influences (as heard in Space Dementia and Megalomania – which uses an organ!), prog rock styles (as heard in Citizen Erased), space rock (Bliss), and hard rock (New Born, Hyper Music) – it is hard to pin an exact genre on the album, but most reviewers do classify this album as alt. rock, hard rock, and space rock.

Notable Tracks:

New Born: spotify, YouTube

Bliss: spotify, YouTube

Plug in Baby: spotify, YouTube

Citizen Erased: spotify, YouTube

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