August 11, 2017 [song]: Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand (alt rock, indie rock, dance-rock)

Matching disco-like drum beats with catchy and funk-like guitar riffs, Take Me Out is a track that is definitely going to ‘take you out’ to the dance floor!

Franz Ferdinand are known for being an influential post-punk revival bands. They are often categorized as indie rock, post-punk revival, and dance-rock.

Franz Ferdinand was a 4-piece band in 2004, when they released the song ‘Take Me Out’ on their self-titled debut album. They have gone through a line-up change in 2017 when guitarist Nick McCarthy left the band due to family reasons. Currently, the line-up is Alex Kapranos on lead vocals and lead guitar, Bob Hardy on the bass, Paul Thomson on drums, Dino Bardot on guitar, and Julian Corrie on keyboards.

They have released 4 studio albums since then.

Listen here on YouTube: here

Listen here to Spotify: here


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