August 14, 2017 [song]: Nude – Radiohead (art rock, soft rock)

A dream-like art rock piece that features Thom Yorke’s famous falsettos and Jonny Greenwood’s guitar work.

“Now that you’ve fount it, it’s gone, Now that you feel it, you don’t. You’ve gone off the rails…”


Nude was the second single released and the 3rd track off Radiohead’s 7th LP, In Rainbows, released in late 2007 – early 2008. The album dove into genres of art rock, art pop, and experimental rock.

Radiohead are a 5-man alternative rock band from the UK, consisting of Thom Yorke on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards, Ed O’Brien on guitar and backing vocals, Jonny Greenwood on guitar, keyboards, and synths, Colin Greenwood on bass guitar and keyboards, and Philip Selway on drums and percussion.

They have, since the beginning of their career, released 9 LPs.

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