August 21, 2017 [album, week 3]: After Laughter (new wave, 80’s revival, pop-rock)

This album marks a departure of Paramore’s old edgy, punk-y, and emo-y sound, replacing it with something fun, fast, and cheerful.


Listen to the full album here: Spotify

Paramore’s 5th studio album, released on May 12, 2017, features gloomy, edgy, and depressing lyrics behind the poppy, fun, and cheerful music.

Hayley’s main inspiration for the lyrics in the album was her recent experiences – her fiancé breaking up with her, her band mates leaving the band etc.

This is also why the lyrics of the album are mainly depressing, retrospective, and emotional.

With 80’s style guitars, synths and Hayley’s infamous vocals, After Laughter is definitely an album you should listen to while relaxing during the heat of the summer months!


Notable Tracks:

Hard Times (new wave, pop rock): lead single of the album (YouTube, Spotify)

Caught in the Middle (pop rock): fun, fast, and poppy track with a infectious guitar solo that appeals to the masses (YouTube, Spotify)

Rose Colored Boy (synth-pop, pop rock): synth-infused track that you can dance to  (YouTube, Spotify)

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