August 26, 2017 [album, week 4]: All We Know Is Falling – Paramore (pop-punk, emo)

This album features Hayley’s powerful and passionate vocals with head-bobbing drums and inspiring riffs – this set the band apart from other pop-punk efforts at the time, and gained popularity in album sales and chart positions. 

Hayley was only 17 when she and her band released their debut album. The lyrics of the album generally deal with themes of isolation, relationships, and interpersonal problems between friends, family, or significant others.

The album was compared to similar acts at the time, such as My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.

All We Know Is Falling peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, and 51 on the UK Albums chart. It was certified gold in the US, the UK and Australia as well.

Notable Tracks:

Pressure: Listen here on Spotify/YouTube

Emergency: Listen here on Spotify/YouTube

Never Let This Go: Listen here on Spotify/YouTube


Listen to the whole album here: Spotify


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