September 5, 2017 [album, week 5]: Royal Blood – Royal Blood (hard rock, blues rock, stoner rock)

Influenced by early Muse, White Stripes, Queens of the Stone Age and more, the album was a major success by combining the traditional rock and roll sound with modern blues riffage.

Royal Blood is a self-titled debut album from the band, Royal Blood. They are a two-piece band from Brighton, UK, consisting of Mike Kerr on vocals and bass, and Ben Thatcher on drums. The usage of octave and distortion pedals on Kerr’s bass makes the band sound like there is 3 or 4 people playing in it – this is what sets them apart with other current rock bands.

Listen to the whole album here on Spotify…

Notable Tracks:

Out of the Black: Spotify / YouTube (nsfw)

Little Monster: Spotify / YouTube 

Careless: Spotify / YouTube

Better Strangers: Spotify / YouTube

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