Week 10 Recommendations: Gravity – Against the Current, Talk – Against the Current, Gravity (EP) – Against the Current [pop rock, pop punk, alternative rock]

I may have just found my new favorite band: Against the Current.

Chrissy Costanza (vocals), Dan Gow (guitars), and Will Ferri (drums) are an American pop-rock band originating from New York.

Combining 00’s raw pop-punk and pop elements in addition to Costanza’s strong voice on their 2015 EP, Gravity, Against the Current found moderate success in the US charts – reaching 36 in the US Rock charts and 4 in the US Heatseekers Charts.

It is hard to pin an exact musical genre to the EP. Lead singer Chrissy Costanza has stated that on their EP, Gravity, each song has a different type of genre, such as the song “Gravity” being more pop, “Fireproof” being more rock, and “Talk” being more pop-punk.

Listen to Gravity here: YouTube / Spotify

Listen to Talk here: YouTube / Spotify

Listen to Gravity (EP) here: Spotify


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