Week 11 Recommendations: In Our Bones – Against The Current (pop-rock, synth-pop)

Cover art for ATC’s debut album: In Our Bones

In Our Bones is the debut album for the pop-rock band Against the Current, released on May 20, 2016. The album spawned 4 singles: “Running With the Wild Things”, “Runaway”, “Wasteland”, and “Young and Relentless”. The album reached number 2 on the UK Rock and Metal charts, and 15 on the US Alternative charts.

Notable Tracks:

The lead single, “Running with the Wild”, was released on Feb 4, 2016. This song combines ATC’s early pop-punk influences with synths and arena-ready chants.

Listen here on YouTube or Spotify 

“Wasteland” is the 9th track on the album. It departs from ATC’s early pop-punk influences and dives into synth and electro-pop.

Listen here on YouTube or Spotify

It’s a crying shame I missed Against The Current live in Hong Kong during their In Our Bones headline tour in 2015…

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