About Me

Business contact: elliottwanmusic@gmail.com




Elliott Wan is a rock musician from Hong Kong.

His debut EP, “All We Had”, contains songs that he wrote over the past year or so. The songs borrows from various genres such as pop rock, pop punk and alternative rock, and is inspired by bands and acts such as Muse, Paramore, Corey Tam, Green Day, and the Gatling Gun Revival. He aims to write heartfelt and genuine songs about the world from a teenager’s perspective, with lyrics dealing with doubt, relationships, and regret so more and more people can better understand the inner feelings, thoughts, and struggles of youngsters today.

The second track from his debut EP titled “2061” lyrically deals with depression, suicide, and the stigma associated with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety in current day society. The track title was the number of American teenagers that took their own lives in 2015, which heavily influenced the lyrics on this track. Using this opportunity, he partnered up with HOPE by donating half of his album and merch revenue to catalyze change in the way mental illnesses are viewed, provide care and inspire faith in those seeking recovery, and foster a lasting community of purpose.

He is currently busy writing material for a second project.



Schecture Daimen Platinum 6 Electric Guitar
RG Series Ibanez Electric Guitar
Martin GPCX1AE Acoustic Guitar
Fender Mustang Short Scale Bass

Computer and Software:
MacBook Pro 13 inch (2015)
Logic Pro X

Akai MPK Mini
Korg MicroKey2 49-Key

ZOOM G5 Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator
Focusrite Scarlett Solo
AKG K240 Headphones
Logitech UE6000 Headphones
Audio Technica 2020 Mic
Regal Tip 7A Drumsticks